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Mission-Built For Life

Update Your Will. Your Bag's Gonna Last Longer Than You Do.

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"Life is a great adventure…accept it in such a spirit." ~ Theodore Roosevelt

Your Mission Mercantile leather good will most certainly become distinctly … you.
No more throwaway bags. Collect your stories in confidence.

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"Five Stars Is Not Adequate"

"I wanted something that felt more handmade and personal. From beginning to end my purchasing experience was unbelievable! " ~ Leslie S.

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Carry, Protect & Last .... More Than A Lifetime

Field-tested Tough. Made Like They Used To Be.

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Handmade, High-Quality, Honestly-Priced Leather Goods

Handselected top-quality US steerhides, paired with the finest materials available and stitched with the best German polyester thread in the world. Handcrafted in our own workshops.

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Vintage Inspired, Modern Functionality

Combines the Best of the Best. History inspires us, and the essence of every detail of every product we introduce — elevating them to true works of art.

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Featured Products

Their products are a grand slam.  Mission Mercantile does a GREAT job with their products, and I’ll argue that they have the greatest value proposition of any luggage / leather goods. 

Red Clay Soul

It’s the nicest rifle case we’ve ever seen. So rugged. So handsome. So leather.

Inside Hook

It’s like a one-man play, alternately seamlessly between the roles of rugged and sophisticated … this is more than just a highly attractive, highly pragmatic bag. It’s an heirloom.

Horse Nation
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Remarkable Leather Goods +
Mythical Customer Care

"Customer Service is OUTSTANDING! Mission offers beautiful merchandise. But their customer service department has got to be the very best I’ve ever encountered! Impeccable service."
~ Mike B.

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