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Get A Behind The Scenes View of The Eden Tote

From our creative minds behind the design to every stitch, Mission Mercantile's Eden Tote bag embodies enduring craftsmanship and modern convenience in every detail.


From Idea to Stitch 

When you encounter a Mission Mercantile product, you're not merely engaging just with a high quality  accessory—you're connecting with a carefully curated embodiment of meticulous thought and craftsmanship, meeting up with modern utility. 

Our Eden Tote bag stands as a textbook example of this philosophy, with each element designed to strike a balance between simple-yet-elevated design, artisanal quality, real-world application and timeless lifetime value. 

But how does such a product evolve from a mere concept to an artisanal masterpiece? Let's delve into the journey.

The Spark of Inspiration

Every great idea starts with a spark, and the Eden Tote was no exception. Its origins lie in an urgent and unmet need within our community for an affordable, elevated tote bag that masterfully balances function, style, and durability. 

Over the past several years, our team closely observed the wants, needs…  and demands… of modern lifestyle trends. 

Our goal was not just to create a tote bag that fit into our overarching brand aesthetic, but to engineer a solution, a lifelong companion for people like you who need to effortlessly juggle utility, style and lifetime value.

Mission Mercantile Sketch

The Design Process

From Concept to Execution: Our Five F’s

Designing the Eden Tote bag was a masterclass in attention to detail. For every good that begins with an informed idea and ultimately is offered to you - our discerning customer, we follow a philosophy that we call our Five F’s: Fit, Form, Features & Functionality, Financial (lifetime value) and Fruit (the final product).


Fit & Form

From the outset, we ensure that every product must embody (“Fit”) our Mission Mercantile remarkable style approach and standards for exceptional quality, usability, and lifetime value.

As we hear customer input and feedback, conduct surveys and examine lifestyle trends, we banter about and decide on the style (“Form”) we want to birth. Time - and a myriad of drafts and sketches - always pave the way, undergoing multiple iterations until the style is refined to perfection. 

But the design doesn’t stop at the drawing board. 


Thoughtful Features & Functionality

Our team invests countless hours in prototyping, rigorously testing each version for aspects such as weight distribution, stress points, and usability. Our design approach centers around you, the modern individual who juggles various roles and responsibilities and needs a bag versatile enough to keep up. 

It's not just about holding items; it's about enhancing your daily experiences, making each moment a bit easier - and a lot more head-turning - for the long haul.

Eden Tote


Leather Selection

At Mission Mercantile, it always begins with our leathers. Every feature is further elevated by the materials used in the Eden Tote bag, which boasts luxurious full-grain U.S steerhide leather, durable 10 oz vegetable-tanned leather handles and the very best German spun durable polyester thread stitched by our own craftsmen.

Also, a keen eye is drawn to the solid copper rivets that add an extra touch of class while ensuring the bag's longevity.


Size and Dimensions

Our Eden Tote bag comes in four sizes, from our Small ( measuring 10” wide at the base, widening to 13” at the top, and stands 11.5” high with a depth of 5.5”) to our Oversized model (measuring 13.5 “ wide at the base, widening to 19” at the top, and stands 15” high with a depth of 7”)

These dimensions weren't picked out of thin air; they're carefully calculated to securely hold a specific range of essentials. 

Whether you need to carry an iPad Pro, a laptop, a bulky wallet, a small accessory bag, sunglasses, a compact umbrella or even a change of clothes, this bag accommodates it all without feeling cumbersome.


Internal Storage

Inside, you'll find a conveniently placed hanging pocket that measures 7.75” wide and 6” high. 

This internal pocket is a thoughtfully designed feature, great for items you want to access quickly or keep separate from the main compartment - think smartphones, reading glasses, or a pen.


External Convenience

We also thought about the items you might need to grab on the go. That’s why we included an external slip pocket, perfect for securing quick-access items like your smartphone or a set of keys.


The Key Strap

And then there's the key strap - a small but significant feature designed with your convenience in mind. No more digging around at the bottom of your bag; this strap ensures your keys are always within easy reach.

Handcrafting Process The Journey from Raw to Refined


Handcrafting Process

The Journey from Raw to Refined

When the Eden Tote's design leaves the sketchbook and enters the workshop, it's as if each bag is born anew. 

Under the seasoned hands of our artisans, each piece of leather transitions from raw material to a refined, functional work of art. 

Countless hours are invested in skillfully hand-stitching, burnishing , and finishing.

Every individual stitch draws us a step closer to the final masterpiece, while finishing adds nuanced texture and accentuates the quality our brand is known for.

The result is a Mission Mercantile leather good that not only looks beautiful but also stands up to the rigors of daily life.


The Artisanal Techniques

Our artisans are more than just skilled craftsmen; they are seasoned custodians of a rich, time-honored heritage in leather craftsmanship, who breathe life and authenticity into each Eden Tote bag.

By employing traditional methods like individually hand-set copper rivets and edge burnishing, they ensure that each Eden Tote is not just durable but also a unique artifact of artisanal expertise. 

Combined with our distinctive natural leathers, our techniques are so specialized and detailed that they give each tote a distinct fingerprint - no two bags are exactly alike. 

It's this meticulous handcrafting process that lends each bag an authentic, irreplaceable sense of quality and heritage.

Handcrafting Process The Journey from Raw to Refined

The Final Details

A Culmination of Craftsmanship, Design, and Purpose

Every design choice, from its rugged yet polished aesthetic to its robust utility, coalesces into a singular lifestyle statement. 

The handles, crafted from 10 oz vegetable-tanned leather offer durable yet comfortable grip that softens perfectly over time, while the eye-catching copper rivets not only add visual interest but also reinforce the bag's structure. 

All these elements come together to transform the Eden Tote from a simple carryall into a versatile work of art that serves as a versatile companion in any setting.


Functionality Meets Aesthetics

When we talk about the Eden Tote, we're discussing an item that beautifully balances form and practicality. 

Its aesthetic allure doesn't sacrifice an iota of practical utility—a core tenet that defines it as an exemplary Mission Mercantile product. 

Every stitch, pocket, and rivet serves a purpose while contributing to the bag's overall visual harmony.

As we turn the final page on our Eden Tote's journey from a conceptual spark to a tangible, beautifully crafted product, we extend an invitation for you to begin your own story with this extraordinary bag. 

Don't just take our word for it; experience the Eden Tote for yourself. From the first touch, you'll realize it's more than just an accessory—it's a reliable ally eager to become part of your life's narrative.

Become a part of our ongoing legacy in craftsmanship.

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